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 EXECUTIVE ORDER 13514 (U.S. Dept. of Trans.)


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Moving Vehicles using Computers
Using a Computer to propel Vehicles seems to be something so far fetched to the average person. Magnetic Levitation Trains are nothing more than Computers and Magnetism in simple form, weigh 600,000 pounds and travel over 300 MPH. As wild as that seems, this technology has been known since 1902, but it took 60 years to come a reality. A gasoline car uses a Computer to monitor basic devices, but this practice limits a Computers real processing potential.

The videos below were the early research and development stages for using Computers to propel vehicles. AL-VIIA was used in all test applications. 36 years of research was done to break ground on the biggest breakthrough in history. Pedaling the Non-Motorized Vehicle was the beginning for us to develop algorithms for Computers to imitate propulsion.

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MAGLEV-2 CAR video
MAGLEV-2 CAR video 2
MAGLEV-2 CAR video

The MAGLEV-2 Car is being tested with a universal driver system that can fit a wide range of vehicles. Having a smaller space than an engine makes it easier to install the system in numerous vehicles.

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DLF Tractor Trailer video

A system is planned to finally be installed in a Tractor Trailer to provide long range trucking.

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DLF Heavy Dump Truck video 1
DLF Heavy Dump Truck video 2
DLF Heavy Dump Truck video 3

Tests were done using an old Heavy Duty Dump Truck on the asphalt. A cycling format was used to develop algorithms for  the Computer System.
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DLF Light Dump Truck video 1
DLF Light Dump Truck video 2
DLF Light Dump Truck video 3

DLF is featured at a CJTPA event on October 21, 2012 pulling its Guideway System through deep grass and thick mud. The transmission gave out but the system still performed.

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DLF NMV Guideway Car video 1
DLF NMV Guideway Run video 2
DLF NMV Guideway Run video 3

This Non-Motorized Vehicle has been used to develop a small durable construction grade car that can actually be driven on regular highways and a Guideway System.
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DLF NMV Guideway Car video

A first generation system was tested pulling a heavy steel trailer in an open parking lot in 2011. These tests were the first indicators for Computers pulling vehicles heavier than 6,000 pounds.

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DLF NMV Guideway Car video 1
DLF NMV Guideway Car video 2
DLF NMV Guideway Car video 3

All new generations of system testing originated from this 1,200 pound Non-Motorized Vehicle. The same system that ran this vehicle was the same system in the Heavy Duty Dump Truck.
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DLF NMV Armor Car video 1
DLF NMV Armor Car video 2
DLF NMV Armor Car video 3

DLF has an Armor Non-Motorized Vehicle that can easily be equipped with steel, kevlar or other types of armor plating.


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AL-VIIA's greatest victory will be moving an 80,000 pound Tractor Trailer uphill faster than a Diesel engine. AL-VIIA moved a 27,500 GVW Dump Truck 1/2 mile uphill during an initial testing and reached 40 MPH using a singe transmission drive mechanism. A single drive is equivalent to a fossil fuel engine running on one piston, which will not move a vehicle.
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